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PLUS 547
Instructor: Professor Edward J Blakely,
Assistance: Allison J Tom,

Community Development Technologies Center (CDTech)
Organizational Profile
  • A not-for-profit training, applied research and technical assistance organization specializing in community economic development strategies.
  • Its mission is to build livable and economically viable neighborhoods , by actively building the economy, civic culture, and physical and human assets of low income neighborhoods
  • Through a joint venture, CDTech and LA Prosper Partners provide network and workforce development support services to inner city manufacturers and merchants

  • Resource persons:
    Richard McNish; Ph: 562-427-0999, Fax: 562-427-2263
    Denise Fairchild; Ph: 213-489-9675, Fax: 213-489-5393; Email:

    More Information:
    Project Description
    Profile of the area of the Santa Barbara Plaza and its neighborhoods